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The Helen O’Grady Drama Academy offers a very successful and affordable developmental drama programme for 5 to 17 year olds. Our classes help to build confidence and self-esteem with an emphasis on FUN! All of our specially trained teachers follow a structured, professional curriculum that explores voice, movement and creative drama. Youth Theatre students will find our curriculum very beneficial if they are studying Drama at G.C.S.E and ‘A’ Level. We offer all new students their first lesson FREE!

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Friday, 6 January 2017

It's 2017 and we can't wait to get back to DRAMA!

We’re back!

🔸Biggin Hill                    – 12th January 2017🔸Chislehurst                   – 14th January 2017🔸Gravesend                   – 14th January 2017🔸Hayes*                         – 10th January 2017🔸Orpington Monday    – 9th January 2017🔸Orpington Saturday  – 14th January 2017🔸Otford                           – 13th January 2017🔸Petts Wood                 – 13th January 2017🔸Sevenoaks*                 – 12th January 2017🔸Shortlands                   – 11th January 2017

Exclusive School Classes🔸Hayes Primary School                          – 9th January 2017🔸Scotts Park Primary School      – 13th January 2017🔸St James R.C. Primary School  – 12th January 2017
Kindy Drama🔸Cafe Dolce Vita - Petts Wood  – 16th January 2017🔸
Layhams Farm Shop - Keston   – 24th January 2017 


Contact us to book a free trial at one of our Primary or Youth Theatre drama classes.
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Monday, 24 October 2016

Attention Sevenoaks... we are moving!

After careful consideration we have decided to re-locate our Sevenoaks classes after half term.  

From Thursday, 3rd November 2016, our drama classes will take place in the room at: 
Alice’s Tea Shop, 114, St. John’s Hill, Sevenoaks, Kent, TN13 3PD.  
Composite Primary Class (5 - 11 years) 
4:45pm – 5:45pm
Youth Theatre Class (12 - 18 years) 
5:45pm – 6:45pm

This decision hasn’t been an easy one.  We have hired the hall at St Thomas’ Catholic Primary School for many years and the staff, teachers & pupils have always been very friendly and accommodating.  I'd like to thank everyone at the school for the many happy years we have spent there.  

Alice’s Tea Shop is a lovely little cafe located towards the bottom of St John's Hill, with a newly built classroom. There are lots of other activities and events in the cafe and I hope that re-locating our drama classes there will help to promote our programme to the local community.  As numbers grow we hope to have the opportunity to run three drama class age-groups: Lower Primary, Upper Primary and Youth Theatre.  

Parking for Alice’s Tea Shop: There is one hour’s free parking available on Wickenden Road.  Further up Wickenden Road there are no parking restrictions.  There are two nearby pay & display car parks, St James Road Car Park and St John’s Hill Car Park.  
Alice’s Tea Shop is an 8 minute walk from Bat & Ball Station.  

Our drama classes run weekly in: 
*Orpington *Hayes *Petts Wood *Chislehurst *Shortlands *Biggin Hill *Otford *Sevenoaks *Gravesend   *St James RC Primary  *Hayes Primary   *Scotts Park Primary

If you would like your child to join us for a Free Trial at one of our classes, then do please email bromley@helenogrady.co.uk or  call 01689 812336.

Kind regards,


Helen Walls, PrincipalHelen O'Grady Drama - Bromley, Gravesend & SevenoaksFranchisee of the Year 2016bromley@helenogrady.co.uk01689 812 336 / 07951 006176


Sunday, 11 September 2016

On your marks ..... get set ..... DRAMA!!!!!!!!

We hope you've all had a wonderful summer break and can't wait to hear about the children's adventures during the holidays when we see them back at drama this week!

Monday 12th September - Cafe Dolce Vita (Kindy), Hayes Primary School & Orpington

Tuesday 13th September – Layhams Farm Shop (Kindy) & Hayes

Wednesday 14th September – Shortlands
Thursday 15th September – St James R.C., Biggin Hill & Sevenoaks
Friday 16th September – Scotts Park, Petts Wood & Otford
Saturday 17th September – Orpington, Gravesend & Chislehurst

To join the fun call 01689 812336 or email bromley@helenogrady.co.uk

Kind regards, 

Helen Walls (Principal)

BA Hons (Drama & Theatre Arts), Franchisee of the Year 2016   Tel: 01689 812336       07587 006 176  Email: bromley@helenogrady.co.ukwww.helenogrady.co.uk  www.DramaBWK.co.ukFacebook Page: Helen O'Grady Drama Academy Bromley, Gravesend & Sevenoaks

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Welcome to the autumn term at the Helen O'Grady Drama Academy!

Add colour to your life - release your inner DRAMA Queen! 

Our fun-loving programme (for Kings as well as Queens) starts again from Monday 12th September.

Contact 01689 812336 or bromley@helenogrady.co.uk for details of classes near you.

It's time to get your child in on the act!!

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Helen O’Grady Drama Classes

for 2½ – 18 years

held weekly during term time in:
Biggin Hill
Petts Wood**
Hayes Primary School
Scotts Park Primary
St James R.C. Primary
Layhams Farm Shop, Keston**

*Studios that also offer Youth Theatre for 12 – 18yrs.
**Studios that also offer Kindy Drama for 2 ½ - 5 yrs.

Thursday, 26 March 2015

I'm launching a Kindy class for pre-schoolers!

Thursdays are a busy day of Drama for me, I run a lovely lunch class at St James R.C. Primary school in Petts Wood, then have a few hours to kill before I visit our Drama classes in Biggin Hill and or Sevenoaks. So a few weeks ago I decided to park near Queensway, Petts Wood and treat myself to a sneaky cappuccino and sandwich at Café Dolce Vita before making my way down to Biggin Hill library.
Not only does this café serve a lovely selection of gourmet cakes and coffee (I was strong on this occasion and resisted a cake) but has devoted the top corner of its premises to a kids play area so local parents and carers can have a well-earned cuppa while their children play.

After chatting to the café's owner, Marco, I found that they also run activities for pre-schoolers and we agreed to start our Kindy drama classes there, which would complement the singing, dance and art activities already on offer.

A typical Kindy lesson includes children singing a familiar ‘Hello Song’; activities to encourage children to speak with each other and their teacher; speech exercises, to develop strong projected voices with clear articulation and expression and a movement segment so little ones can discover other ways of communicating.

The main part of each lesson develops these skills further, making them into a story with music, a short ‘play’ or a series of high impact activities children can identify with. As listening skills are also important, each lesson has listening time.

The culmination of the lesson, just before the ‘Goodbye Song’ is the Special Surprise Bag which could contain anything from a hot water bottle to a carton of popcorn!
I am delighted to now provide pre-school classes in our area. Having seen young children develop so much in our primary classes, the opportunity to introduce them to our programme from the age of two and a half is indeed exciting. We already improve basic speech, language and communication skills through our unique and affordable programme and now we can extend this to pre-school children.  

Our Kindy class will launch at Café Dolce Vita on Tuesday, 7th April at 10:30am – 11am for 2½ to 5 year olds and will cost just £3.50 a session.  After that classes will be held weekly on Monday mornings 10:30 – 11am.  The summer term will run from Monday, 20th April – Monday, 13th July 2015.  This excludes the bank holidays so that there will be 11 sessions in total. Our summer term themes are: NUMBERS, NURSERY RHYMES & FAIRY TALES, NIGHT & DAY and SPORTS and I'm really looking forward to having lots of fun with the children and parents that take part.  

If you're interested in joining up your child, please call my office on 01689 812336 or email bromley@helenogrady.co.uk.  Booking is advised as spaces are limited.  I look forward to seeing you there!


Helen Walls, Principal.  
Helen O'Grady Drama Academy Bromley, Gravesend and Sevenoaks

Facebook:  Helen O'Grady Drama Academy Bromley, Gravesend & Sevenoaks


Thursday, 16 October 2014

Free Drama Workshops For Local Schools

Yesterday I visited St Thomas' Catholic Primary School in Sevenoaks to deliver a taster of our developmental drama classes to its pupils.  I had a really great time; the staff and students at St Thomas's are always really friendly and welcoming.  They are also really receptive to our drama programme and very supportive of the classes we run there after school on Thursdays.  

Throughout the year, I visit a variety of local primary schools to provide free drama workshops lasting between 30 minutes and 1 hour.  Each class that I see participates in a sample lesson from our programme, which is designed to:


These aims are achieved through a highly developed, original, drama programme. Each lesson is carefully planned. A typical lesson can include introductory activities, speech, verbal dynamics, creative movement, mimes to music, language development, structured improvisation, dialogue development, snippets, a play, scene starters and mini-scripts.  

During the time I spent at St Thomas's yesterday, with a little imaginative thinking, some creative ideas and language we turned the school hall into a waxwork museum and a stadium for motorbike champions.   

I always encourage the teaching staff to watch and participate in the workshop with their class.  Teachers will often comment on how much they and their class have enjoyed the session.  It is sometimes an eye-opener for them to see how students who may be quiet in the setting of the classroom react differently and more confidently within the structure of the drama session.  

Next week I am visiting two Primary schools in Bickley and very much look forward to working with them.  


Helen Walls, 

Friday, 10 October 2014

Dress up days cheer up a wet, stormy autumnal week...

This week our Primary aged drama students in Bromley, Gravesend and Sevenoaks have been dressing up at class.  It's been a lot of fun and has certainly cheered up what has been a rather wet and stormy week.  I think we've certainly said goodbye to the sun for the time being!

Our Lower Primary Classes (5 - 8 years) have been invited to come to class as 'grown ups' this week.  We've seen over-sized handbags, moustaches, walking sticks, blazers, flat caps and many other items that have been raided from a parent's wardrobe or two.  The play-acting that has ensued in class has been extremely entertaining for both my teaching staff and me.  The children were absorbed by their characters and relished in pretending to be like their parents.  

Our Upper Primary students (8 - 11 years) have enjoyed dressing up for a play called, "I've Been Robbed".  Set in a cabaret-style nightclub, characters have included the waiting staff, the manager, the resident band and the club's clientele.  The students have been really creative with their props and costumes.  Feather boa's have been wafted, trays have been offered and we even saw a variety of instruments being played at our class in Hayes on Tuesday.  

So, why do we do these ‘dress up days’?  Executive Principal, Alison Mazanec of the Academy in Bristol said this week, "Well, you know yourself you feel different if you are dressed up for a special occasion, right? Children are the same. If they are using or wearing a simple prop, they can easily become a different character and then learn about what it's like to be in their situation by talking to each other. In fact, some children become more confident as someone else and if we encourage them to speak to each other and us, we can explore their communicative skills and build their confidence."

It's been a wonderful week of fun at class and such a pleasure to see our students grow and develop their skills.   

I thoroughly look forward to the next dress up days in a few weeks time.  


Helen Walls, 
Helen O'Grady Drama Academy Bromley, Gravesend & Sevenoaks.